NOL, XOL, ROL & ST Oil Burner Training

NOL, XOL, ROL and ST Oil Burner Training Course
Commissioning, Maintenance and Service of NOL, XOL, ROL and ST Oil Burners.

Course: “O2”
Length: 2 days

This course offers you the chance to gain detailed information and hands on experience on the older N, X, R Series and ST Oil Burners, also covering commissioning, maintaining and servicing of these burners.


This course is a balance of lectures and practical work to demonstrate the following-

Oil – Class C & D - Grades, Make-up and Characteristics

Combustion Process - Efficiency targets
Importance of Combustion Test Equipment

Oil Burners - Systems, Air Control, Pimps, On/Off – High/Low and Modulating, Performance, Burner heads and Mixing.
Burner Controls and Safety Devices, Electrical Requirements, Oil Burner Standards. 

Selection of Burners - Boiler types and characteristics, Resistances, Efficiencies. 

Oil Supply - Storage
Use of Single and 2-Pipe Systems

Residual Fuels - Summary of operation only, including oil supply requirements and burner heads

Commissioning - Safety Checks
On/Off and High/Low Burners
Efficiency Checks
Use of Flue Gas Analyser Equipment

Fault Finding - Methodical Approach
Importance of Safety Aspect
Use of appropriate spares
Installation Problems / Solutions



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