MGN & STG Gas Burner Training

MGN & STG Gas Burner Training Course
Commissioning, Maintenance and Service of M Series and STG Gas Burners.

Course: “G1”
Length: 2 days

This course covers the safety aspects for commercial indirect fired appliances and includes a theory class on the different controls used in our M Series and Sterling range of burners, and how to commission, service and maintain them.The course also includes commissioning and operating of MPA controls.


The course is a balance of lectures and practical work to demonstrate the following:

Gases - Make- up and characteristics

Combustion Process - Efficiency targets
Importance of Combustion Test Equipment

Gas Burners - Systems, Air Control, Gas Valves, On/Off – High/Low Modulation, Performance, Burner Heads and Mixing.
Burner Controls and Safety Devices, Electrical Requirements
Forced Draught Gas Burner Standards.

Selection of Burners - Boiler types and characteristics, Resistances and Efficiencies.

Commissioning - Safety Checks
On/Off and High/Low Burners
Efficiency Checks
Use of Flue Gas Analyser Equipment

Fault Finding - Methodical Approach
Importance of Safety Aspect
Use of appropriate spares
Installation Problems/Solutions


Course Dates 2018/19

11th & 12th December (2018)

26th & 27th February

07th & 08th May

21st & 22nd May

06th & 07th August

20th & 21st August


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